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Frequently Asked Questions and other important facts you need to know before hire our equipments:



- No shoes, strictly NO HIGH HEELS

- No face paint and/or glitter allowed

- No food, drinks or lollies

- Children under 5 only

- Kids must be supervised by adults at all times when playing

- No animals, sand, water or any liquids close to the equipments.

- Ensure no smoking on or near the equipment


- We do set up outdoors, but if there is any chance of rain or heavy wind, you should have a back up indoor area, otherwise we won't be able to deliver equipments.

- We do ask that you keep the equipment in a shaded area where the equipment will not get too hot for your kids.

- Ensure set up area is cleared, dry and free of debris and dog waste prior to our arrival


- We will arrive 45min-1hr prior to your event start time to begin set up.

- If there will be any restrictions that may delay set up (like stairs, lack of parking, etc.) please let us know through our request form or prior to the event.

- There is a delivery fee for every rental and it will vary on location/distance from our warehouse

- High heels worn on our equipment cause irremediable damages. The Hirer will be responsible for paying $60 per EVA mat damaged.


- Equipment is cleaned before and after every event, and we sanitise it after setting it up on event venue.

- We clean all our equipments with Koh. Koh is the safer choice for you and your family, is vegan and cruelty-free, is also free from harsh chemicals, fragrances, phosphates and parabens.

- We use bottles made up from recyclable HDPE


- We require that our equipment is ready to collect by 5pm at the latest for standard prices.

- If you need extended or overnight hire, please just get in touch to request a quote.

- Overnight hires are to be collected by no later than 11 am the following day.

- If you require our equipment for longer, an extended fee will apply and will be payable prior to installation.


- We ask for a security bond calculated of the total amount quoted for your event.

- We will return the bond within five (5) business days following completion of the Hire period.

- We will retain the Bond (in part or full) if:

  • The equipment is damaged or otherwise not returned in the condition it was prior to the commencement of the Hire Period 

  • The Hirer breaches any condition of the Hire Agreement.

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